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 I then saw another vision of a trunk full of promises at the end of her bed. In it were contained very special treasures—a "hope chest" so to speak– and surrounding it were packing boxes. As I released this word to a young lady I had only recently met, she began to tell me through tears that she had dreamed that entire vision I had just spoken to her only the night before as God was gently releasing her from a five year relationship with the man whose name appeared on the cellar door. And she had literally seen God put His foot down on this door to prevent her from reopening it and compelling her to cross over it into her future......

 The "Future" is where "Few-Tour". You see here in America a root cellar is a place to store winter's provisions gathered in the time of harvest, but can also be an underground storm shelter "a place for hiding".

  Jayne had been ordained by God to be in a safe relationship in her church after the death of her parents in the early 1980’s. She had been in this relationship for five years waiting on her future. However, she also relayed a dream she had been given that her pastor came to her in the night saying "Don't even think about getting married for five more years." All the while dramatically moving his open hand back and forth in a gesture of "five years," reiterating what had been spoken of in her dream. As she choked back her tears, she shared in that safe place that God had prepared her for this. She said she hadn’t realized five years earlier that it was going to end without a marriage to this man. The Lord had placed a thought within her that her husband was not out of the world yet! (More on this later.)

 In July of 1992 after an intense season of prayer and fasting, I had very clearly heard the Lord say, "It's time to leave your job and follow Me! As you do, you are NEVER to look back again. I have both called you and chosen you to go forth and bear My name to the nations of the world. ‘For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, And deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, And His glory will be seen upon you. The Gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising. Lift up your eyes all around, and see: They all gather together, they come to you; Your sons shall come from afar, And your daughters shall be nursed at your side. Then you shall see and become radiant, and your heart shall swell with joy; because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you, the wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you. ‘” (Isaiah 60:2-5 NKJV)

 On July 7th, 1992, I quit my job and began to vigorously pursue The Lord. I proceeded to cash my final paycheck also, withdrawing a very meager savings from the credit union. As I went to the bank with a friend to cash the check, I began to weep at His goodness upon me. My friend, Galen, looked at me and asked, "Why are you crying?" I replied, "I've been a drug addict all my life since about 12 years of age. I've been married and divorced, married and divorced and in over 55 different relationships prior to coming to Christ. I've been an alcoholic, an addict, and in and out of jails often. It's hard to believe that God would both call me and use me for "His Glory."
    Without missing a beat Galen turned and said, "Well, life changes." Immediately I knew the name of this ministry. God was calling me to what would be called "Life Changes." Because at that moment it did. I had been pursuing God diligently for five years, remaining both pure and celibate. Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God. (Matthew 5:8 NKJV)

 That weekend I went to church and was worshiping the Father in spirit and in truth as it is written... “But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. (John 4:23 NKJV)

 As I was lost in adoration, I had an intense vision of a "pure white "snow covered mountain and on each side of a clearing were large trees. Out of the trees there suddenly appeared a skier swishing valiantly down the slope, spraying snow with each turn of the skis. Suddenly I was pulled back in the vision and saw that I was watching this vision of this skier in the palm of The Lord’s right hand from far below on the earthly realm. Immediately,  I was lifted up above the mountain once again, looking down at another skier in the clearing, who was also swishing down the mountain.  The second skier was now intertwining with the first skier on this very pure freshly fallen snow, as there were no other paths or skiers. A very beautiful pattern appeared in the snow as these two skiers’ paths crisscrossed from the top of the mountain towards a quaint cabin at the base below.  Their paths seemed to cross at least seven times before reaching the base of the mountain. One skier entered the cabin through a door from the right while the second entered a door from the left. Both met on a couch in front of a fireplace where there was a tall fully decorated Christmas tree to the right of the fireplace. I then was pulled back in the vision to see that the second skier was in the left hand of The Lord.

 His two hands came together to bring these two skiers together on the same mountain. A very poetic and beautiful vision of two people sharing opened up to me. I then saw two candles on the table and what appeared to be a glass of wine and cake. The two were lost in a moment of preparing to share a piece of the cake (communion). I could see all of this from up above on the mountain looking into the cabin. I could see the back of a male skier’s head. He had brown hair and the back of her head was blonde.  He sat on the right and she sat on the left.  He was preparing to place a small piece of cake in her mouth, when suddenly a skier came straight down the center of the mountain at top speed, intersecting precisely the seven places where the paths of the first two skiers crisscrossed. That third skier flew down the mountain at break neck speed and went right through the cabin wall and landed on the couch between the first two skiers.  I suddenly heard; "A three fold cord is not easily broken!"

 “Two are better than one because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, For he has no one to help him up. Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; But how can one be warm alone? Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 NKJV)..... I saw from above the three pathways intersecting had formed a threefold strand, both when seeing it from above as well as the three seated on the couch together!

 Just as the first man was about to place the piece of cake into the mouth of the woman, I asked, " What is THIS"?!? I heard, "It's Christmas in July". The vision ended.

 I began to ponder the vision as The Lord was seemingly preparing me for something. At the beginning of the year, I had gone to Tulsa at the Mabee Center for a miracle crusade with Pastor Benny Hinn. While standing outside worshiping with hands raised, suddenly a young woman tapped my shoulder saying, "Excuse me. I never do this, but The Lord asked me to say to you, ‘Stay on the path for there is a jewel before you’". I said, "Thank you," and proceeded to worship once more when what seemed like only a few moments had passed and another young woman approached me. She said, "The Lord sent me to say to you 'There is a jewel before you on the path you’re on’". I said, "Thank you very much". As I turned forward to continue worshiping the Lord, a third woman sobbing uncontrollably tapped my shoulder saying,"I've never done this before, but The Lord said to tell you, ‘There is a jewel before you on the pathway.’" I began to weep as I am right now while recalling this testimony once more. The doors finally opened. I had been worshiping the Lord outside maybe 4-5 hours and was glad to go in and finally be seated when suddenly a fourth woman approached me to say, "I saw you outside worshiping the Lord and felt the Lord say to tell you, ‘There is a jewel on the path you're taking, just keep moving forward.’”

 My curiosity was now very aroused. What was the jewel? A truth? A revelation? A hope? All of the above?! Lord don't hide this from me please, was my thought, even though He was going out of His way to reveal something to me. My thoughts were certainly focused now on asking and seeking and knocking. So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. (Luke 11:9 NKJV) But what Lord?

 I finally found a seat. After enjoying a few minutes of getting to know my new neighbors, a woman leaned over my left shoulder and said, "There is a jewel before you on the path right in front of you." I simply threw up my hands asking, " What Lord, what is the jewel?" This was now the fifth woman telling me of a jewel on my path. It was always the same word!

 I asked these ladies next to me to please save my seat as I went the restroom. On my way there in the hallway, I was met by a woman who said, "Excuse me, sir. The Lord has a word for you and He says, ’There's a pathway you’re on and in the center of it is a jewel’". I'm like... "Really? You don't say. Well, thank you!" Thinking now He just needs to send someone to tell me what it is! I tell you the truth in Christ before I could get back to my seat a seventh woman stopped me on the stairs to speak with me. I now noticed some of these women seemed to be drifting, if not hovering around me in the moments before they spoke. She proceeded to say to me, you guessed it, " The Lord said to tell you, ‘You are on a very special path and there is a jewel on the pathway and you are about to find it’"!

 Praise God I'm getting closer, I thought. I quickly found my seat as I pondered this dilemma.   “Thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘In those days ten men from every language of the nations shall grasp the sleeve of a Jewish man, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you. ‘”(Zechariah 8:23 NKJV)  “And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, ‘We will eat our own food and wear our own apparel; Only let us be called by your name, To take away our reproach. ‘”(Isaiah 4:1 NKJV) 


“After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, ‘Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this.’ Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a throne set in heaven, and One sat on the throne. ’” (Revelation 4:1, 2 NKJV)

 I saw as it were a treasure box being lowered to me from above and my hands were reaching up to receive both the vision and the box. I suddenly saw the hand of the Lord open the box and tilt it down for me to see inside. In it were two things. On one side of the box was an engagement ring and on the other side of the box was a ‘set’ ‘of wedding rings. The Lord said,"Choose." Immediately I went for the engagement ring and placed it on my left ring finger. I heard the Lord say, "You've chosen wisely. now receive the promise and take the ‘set’. I have a jewel for you on the path you have chosen. Seek the Kingdom of Heaven first and all these things shall be given to you... But ‘seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.’”

 Incidentally, the address for the Mabee Center was 7777 S. Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma. What an awesome place for God to reveal His perfection, His Covenant, His Unity, and His completeness and rest to a simple man seeking His plans for the Future. Remember: "The Future is where Few-Tour".

 I now spent my days ministering to the Bride of Christ, continually receiving both confirmation and revelation. I began singing the "Song of the Bride" in 1990 and now she was being revealed to me in extraordinary ways. I also began to realize who He was fashioning me to become as well, thus placing the ring on my finger first—separated and holy to the Lord. “And you shall be holy to Me, for I the Lord am holy, and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be Mine.“ (Leviticus 20:26 NKJV)

“But as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, and again... because it is written,  Be holy, for I am holy.”
(I Peter 1:15,16 NKJV)  I rented a church building in July of 1992 and began the House of Prayer in Louisburg, Kansas where many gathered together with me to pursue the Lord. It was a small remnant of about twenty people or so, always worshiping and always pursuing!  This went on for months until by the end of October I was feeling a shift and wondering how to proceed in this birthing process of ministry. We decided to call for a fast to hear from The Lord. It was decided it would be a "prophetic fast" lasting 11 days.  At the end of the fast, we would all meet at the restaurant to share what we heard.  We agreed to wait until we were all gathered, so as to not tarnish the purity of the word.  I prayed diligently as the Set  Leader to know the mind of Christ.

 After 10 days, all was silent and finally, I had a vision at the end of the day. In the vision, I saw the Lord handing me an umbrella. In reality, it had been raining nearly every day of the fast. It was a cold biting rain that autumn in Kansas City. And suddenly a "single lone person" to my right appeared from out of the cold. It was my friend Jayne, whose path kept crossing mine. She was joining with many as we gathered together at the "House of Prayer" to seek the Lord, and she was also being pursued by another man who was also in the church. When she appeared I opened my umbrella and offered for her to come under it for protection from the biting & cold rain.

 It was now dinner time on the 11th day, which was the day chosen to break the fast. Since we both lived in the same area farthest from the city, Jayne and I decided to meet and share the drive to and from the restaurant.  We settled on a location where we would meet and I proceeded to drive us to the restaurant from there. As we arrived and joined the tables together for our celebration of about 12, we decided to sit at the table until our whole party arrived. Eventually, we realized that no one else was coming and I actually began to wonder if I had confused the dates. We determined we had not, so we ate dinner and enjoyed conversation together. I told her how silent it was during the fast and she told me how close He was to her. We left the restaurant with me feeling more than a little confused, but with her quite happy to have broken the fast. While I was driving back to the meeting place, I decided to share my vision as it started to rain again.

 As I opened my mouth to share the vision with Jayne, she looked at me and said, "Well, do you understand it?" I suddenly looked over at her as I gripped the steering wheel tightly and my heart  began to do flip flops, because I finally heard God's voice in this fast as He said to me, " This is your wife.” I gripped the wheel tighter as Jayne said a second time,"Well...... do you understand it?" I blurted out, “I think so but I'm going to pray on this some more.“ We arrived at her car and I dropped her off as I headed back to the church. You see, I also lived in the church in a small apartment attached to the office and sanctuary. I prayed diligently for the Lord to open my heart and eyes to really know His will and asked Him why no one else had shown up at the restaurant. We later heard that one by one, the Lord had spoken to each person to back away from this fast, as He was desiring to complete a work in me.  I slept restlessly that night and upon awakening, the Lord directed me to complete the banners I was working on in the Church sanctuary , so I pulled out the lettering and the materials of "The Spirit And The Bride Say Come"....and laid out the banners on the floor of the sanctuary.   Just as the front door to the church opened, I was on my knees as I lifted up to one knee and saw Jayne had arrived. Suddenly through the prism of the etched oval glass in the door, the setting sun reflected an incredible rainbow on Jayne's face when the Lord spoke and said, "This is your wife."  In an instant, my heart flip flopped once more as I said,  "No.... this is my sister". The Lord said, "You’re already on your knee, the Church is empty and the banner is clear". I quickly said, "But she is my friend."  And the Lord said, "she is your wife, 1219" ... I asked Him, "What's 1219?" and He replied "Your wedding date". I said, "But she's like my sister," and again He said "1219." Once more I asked, "What's 1219?"  The Lord replied, "Read it!! Genesis 12:19." I opened my Bible right there on my knee and proceeded to read..... “Why did you say, She is my sister? I might have taken her as my wife. Now, therefore, here is your wife; take  her  and go your way.” (Genesis 12:19 NKJV)

 Then He said, "Ask her!" In one moment I said, "Jayne will you marry me?”   She began to weep and responded, "I thought you would never ask!"  I replied "Well, I only just found out. Why? How long have you known?” She said "Since May when you told me my dream through your vision.  It was the moment you said, ‘You have no idea how quickly I Am moving in this season of your life. Go and prepare yourself, for you shall be married by Christmas." She said, “ I knew that very moment as I said in my heart ‘yes, and it's going to be you!’ I saw Jesus in your eyes!"  We laughed and cried as I realized that this matter had been concealed from my eyes while she had known for over 6 months. Then further shock set in as we realized we had only a little more than 5 weeks to prepare.


 Soon we invited all our friends and family and watched to see what God would do as we shared our joy with those who cared. Our pastor was very much against it saying we had not spent enough time "dating", which God did not author. Our friends thought it just couldn't be. Our pastor said it would end in 90 days.  Our marriage has spanned over 30+nations, and 28 years as of December 2019.  We have been richly blessed with five beautiful children, and now 2 grandchildren as well as thousands of radio & TV programs and churches with church plants, more miracles, signs, and wonders than we could ever record.

 And as we married. one of the most beautiful wonders ever was on our wedding day we received a small gift from one of Jayne's co-workers that we still cherish to this day. We left the next day on December 20th to honeymoon in a resort area in Estes Park Colorado. Jayne had tried to call and surprise me with a honeymoon cabin booking in Estes Park Colorado. She was laughed at when she told the receptionist the three days we wanted to reserve and was informed they were booked three to five years in advance. Jayne asked her to look anyway and the owner gasped as she said,"I personally booked that cabin for those dates, but it's empty and you can have it." We simply laughed! We drove all day and night arriving at nearly 4:00 a.m. to a very heavy snowfall, only to look up at the mountain from the cabin at the base to see the trees on the left. The clearing on the right and the center fresh with snow and NO tracks. I carried Jayne and our luggage inside only to find a fire burning, a couch in front of a fireplace, a fully decorated Christmas tree to the right, 2 candles on the table in front of the fireplace, 2 glasses, a bottle of wine and Jayne producing some of our wedding cake for a communion toast. When we each sat down, I on the right and her on the left it was "THE IMAGE" of my vision which Jesus called "Christmas in July". It was our wedding /honeymoon.

 We had carried a few small wedding gifts to open and in the small box from Jayne's co-worker was an ornament that you would hang on the tree. It had a glass window in the front and a small hole in the back for placing a light from the tree into, which in turn would light the scene within the ornament. Once plugged in and turned on, it revealed a very quaint Christmas scene. A man with brown hair seated on the right on a couch in front of a burning fire in the fireplace. His arm around a blonde women's shoulder seated on the left. A fully decorated Christmas tree on the right of the fireplace with a bottle of wine & 2   glasses on the table in front of them. It was our very cabin scene inside the ornament and the exact vision shown me in July of 1992 as I quit my job to follow Jesus into the glorious day of the Harvest and entering His choice of a covenant partner for life.
Bob Griffin
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