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As a regional prophet, he is not only sent to the widow woman to revive a household but to the nations to revive a region’s economy and their spiritual fervor for the Lord God Almighty. He has an incredible gifting in prophecy, and is a true worshipper and psalmist of the Lord, moving in word of knowledge, word of wisdom, prophecy and interpretation of dreams and visions. He has seen many deliverances, healings and true conversions. Bob has been able to record many of his insights on how God speaks through dreams and visions in teaching CDs that are available through this website.


It's Only You

Prophetic Song

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Bob also walks in the office of an Apostle and a governmental Prophet as he counsels with church and world leaders all across the world. Bob and Jayne have been sent to regions to establish and set apart those who are called into the ministry. Bob has established ministries all around the world as he has prayed for people to step into their destiny!!



My words will be told. My words will begin to ratify the headlines of your newspapers. I shall begin to come into your broadcast studios. I shall begin to penetrate the newscasters and they shall begin to tell of the Good News. And you shall know that I have put My words inside of the. You shall know that there are those who have been in hiding and you shall see that the stories begin to change. And miracles shall be announced on your news networks, your newspapers shall come alive.”God says, “Even in My hand is the scroll of this city. Even in My hand is the scroll for this region.” And God says, “I’m delivering that scroll tonight. God says I’m delivering to you the Good News. You shall know and perceive and understand that I’m not calling in darkness, but I’m coming alive in you.” says God. Prayer and decreeLord Jesus, we love You, we desire You and I’m asking You right now to open up the wells of salvation on this earth.I say, rain down you heavens and let the earth open up, and let the earth bring forth righteousness and joy and truth and salvation. Open up earth. I command you to open up and receive heaven. I command you, earth, to open up and receive heaven. All you earthbound beings shall open up and receive heaven.