13 Feb

"The Future is where 'Few Tour'"

Bob Griffin


(Given 4.12.2014)  I hear the spirit of the  Lord say, “Get ready, get ready, get ready.” For the Lord says, “Not only am I stirring up the heavens,” but God says, “The swirlings of My spirit are coming down” God says, “even upon your crown.”  God says, “The swirlings of My spirit are coming down upon your crown.”  God says, “Even now, yes, I will speak to you in the night season and I will pour, I will pour My spirit.”  


And God says, “no longer will My people be perfunctory, but God says, “no longer will they be reticent.”  God says, “They will begin to communicate with the heavens. ”God says, “Even now, do not turn your back upon the heavens,” for God says, “I’m coming and I’m speaking, I’m speaking loudly and sweetly.  And God says, “that    “I’m coming to penetrate the hearts, I’m coming to penetrate the minds and I’m coming , I’m coming. I’m on My way.”


God says, “Even now feel Me, experience Me, stretch out your hands open your mouth and see if I don’t fill them up.”  God says,” I will fill your mouths and I will touch your hands.”  And God says, “Even now, even now, new worship shall come forth, new songs in the night season.  God says, “I’ll give you new songs, I’ll give you new songs, I’ll give you new songs I’ll give you new songs.  Did you hear Me say I’ll give you new songs? I’ll give you new songs, a new word, a new word in season.”  


God says, “Even now, do not turn your back on the seasons for the signs of the time are here.”  Gods says, “I’m speaking loudly from the heavens, I’m speaking loudly from My heart, and I’m not speaking in a distant way.” God says that, “I’m coming near to you, I’m coming near to you.   I’m coming closer, I’m coming closer.”  “I’m touching your hearts, I’m touching your blood, touching your bodies.” That which has been out of alignment,” God says, “shall come into alignment.”  God says, “Even as I’m aligning the heavens and the stars and the sun and the moon,” God says, “I’m aligning My word with you.”  God says, “Come into alignment, come into alignment.” 


“Even now” says the spirit of God, “for there’s an assignment, there’s an assignment in the alignment.  I’ve assigned good things, great things.” God says, “The world shall be full of terrible fright,” but God says, “I have good news.  I’m opening up the night.  I’m bringing forth the glory.  I’m bringing forth the day, the daystar, the dayspring, the morning star shall surely come upon you and you shall know that My spirit is coming swiftly, swiftly I’m coming.”

God says, “Like a steed in the gate waiting they do not hesitate for they are ready to run, they are ready to run.”   God says, “Are you ready to run?  Are you ready to run?”  For God says, “Even now, the signs of the times are upon you.” And God says, “Even now the finish line is the starting line.”  For God says, “Even now you have arrived here,” but God says,” now what?  Now what?” God says, “Stretch out your hands,” and God says, “see if I will not do a new work in you.  See if I will not bring the alignment and the assignment of your ministries together.  For I will anoint your hands” and God says, “even now the healings, the miracles, the creativity shall burst forth.”


God says, “This is the sign of the times,” and God says, “Even now, at the time of the blood moon, watch the creativity of My miracles begin to spread forth on the land.”  God says, “Even now, you are close enough to hear the starting gun, but do you hear the starting gun?  Do you hear it? Do you hear the starting gun, begin to run?” God says, “This is the time to begin to run when you hear the starting gun.”  

God says, “You’re close enough to hear it.  You’re close enough to feel it.”  God says, “The reverberation of My spirit shall go forth into the land.  And God says, “Surely the heavens are stirred up.  The heavens are excited.”  

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Comment by Bob -You know when I got here tonight I drove onto this property tonight I began to weep as I put on my signal and began to turn in here and I recognized that there was swirlings in the heavens that God has surely already walked onto this place.  The Lord Himself is walking upon this ground, that God is calling this His ground, His hallowed ground. And the heavens are just all stirred up, the heavens are swirled up, and the only time I ever see that is when the Lord is passing through and God Himself is passing through the heavens. God Himself is coming closer to you. This is the time to get your assignments, to come into alignment, to hear His voice, to know Him.  This is the moment.


Word of the Lord continues


God says, “This is what you have been waiting for.”  God says, “All of heaven has been holding its breath,” but God says, “Now I will release the breath of heaven, I will release the breath of heaven.” For God says, “Even the angels are desiring to look into the things that shall come upon you, that shall come within you.”  And God says, “Do I not make you ministries of flaming fire?  Do I not ignite you? God says, “Yes, we joked tonight about the ignition,” but God says, “there is an ignition right now.  There is an igniting,” and God says, “I’m igniting you for the night.  I’m igniting you for the dark times.”


God says, “Fear not what I am about to do for it has been written, the holy prophets have foretold this from the beginning of the ages.”  And God says, “Now I’m coming forth, not with archaic promises,” but God says, “I am the Ancient of Days and I will bring forth the ancient writings, and I will begin to perform them and I will do them and no longer will man turn their backs and begin to tease and sneeze.” But God says, “This is the time right now.  This is the time when even the dragons are snorting their fire,” but God says, “even now I am breathing will breath out My flame and I will take them, I take them that are reticent and I will take them that are non-communicative.” God says, “I will take the communication that has been in their mouth and I will cause it to cease.  


And God says, “It shall be on every man’s tongue that the Lord is here.  It shall be on every man’s tongue that He is risen, that He is surely walking among us.  And you shall know and you shall perceive that I’m walking in your homes, and I’m hearing your words and I’m noticing the thoughts of your hearts.”  God says, “This the time to turn to me with all of your heart, with all of your soul, with all of your strength and with all that is within you and don’t take these as just normal days and just another day.”  For God says, “This is not just another day.” 


God says, “Heaven has been excited for this day.  My Father has foretold this day.  He has spoken all of it.  You shall know that I am piercing the night. You shall know that I am piercing the heart. You shall know, you shall know Me and My glory.  You shall know Me and My story.  The world shall hear My story.  They shall know Me and My glory.”  “Surely I do nothing without revealing My secrets to My servants, the prophets and I’m coming close enough for all of you to hear.”


“When you lay down your head on your bed,” God says, “take your writing tablet your writings instruments,” and God says, “surely I will do a new work.  I will remove shame, and I will add fame to your name and you’ll do mighty exploits, the words of knowledge and the words of wisdom and the gifts of healings and the working of miracles, they shall begin again. We shall begin again.” I’m announcing to you a new movement, a new movement.”  God says, “This shall surpass the Jesus Movement. This shall surpass it for,” God says, “even now I’m coming down with My Son. I’m coming down in glory. 


My words will be told.  My words will begin to ratify the headlines of your newspapers.  I shall begin to come into your broadcast studios.  I shall begin to penetrate the newscasters and they shall begin to tell of the Good News.  And you shall know that I have put My words inside of the.  You shall know that there are those who have been in hiding and you shall see that the stories begin to change.  And miracles shall be announced on your news networks, your newspapers shall come alive.”God says, “Even in My hand is the scroll of this city.  Even in My hand is the scroll for this region.” 


And God says, “I’m delivering that scroll tonight.  God says I’m delivering to you the Good News.  You shall know and perceive and understand that I’m not calling in darkness, but I’m coming alive in you.” says God. Prayer and decreeLord Jesus, we love You, we desire You and I’m asking You right now to open up the wells of salvation on this earth.I say, rain down you heavens and let the earth open up, and let the earth bring forth righteousness and joy and truth and salvation.  Open up earth.  I command you to open up and receive heaven.  I command you, earth, to open up and receive heaven.  All you earthbound beings shall open up and receive heaven. 


“A new heavenly language shall come upon you and you shall know that even now the speaking of your tongue shall change.  It shall coincide with a new day for have I not spoken and will I not made come alive? I have spoken and My words are life to those who feed on them, to those who hear them, to those who run after them.  You shall find life and no longer shall it be a stalemate,” for God says, “I have overcome. I’ve come to you and I have overcome your weaknesses.  My strength shall replace your weakness.  My word shall replace your sorrow.  My joy shall emanate from within you. Laughter and joy shall come forth from within you. 


Bowels of compassion shall be opened up in this day.  A new joy, a new word I say. Washington shall be washed.  New York shall know Me.  Florida shall be touched greatly.  Texas shall be touched deeply.  New oil, new oil shall come forth and I shall abolish the whirlwinds and the dust devils in this state.” says God. “and I shall bring a refreshing rain, a time of refreshing shall come upon Arizona and this arid zone shall become refreshed and replenished with My joy,” says the Lord.“I shall rain down My righteousness upon this state for there are many who hold My name, they do not hide My word.”


But God says, “Even now watch what I will do in California.  I shall rock and shake in California, rock and roll. I shall go the center, I shall go the center and I shall rock and roll.”  “I shall do a new work.   Seattle,” God says, “this great seaport,” God says, “watch what I shall do as I send forth My word.  My missionaries shall come in and go out, come in and go out and a new healing center shall arise, and new anointing shall be heard of and you shall know that it shall become a healing center.  A healing center shall emanate from old. 


God says, “I’m opening up old wells, I’m opening up ancient pathways, I’m opening up the heart.  You shall know that I live in your heart.  You shall know that I’m coming out, no longer shall you hide Me within.” But God says, “You shall open up and the whole city shall know and they shall perceive as I pour out My spirit. I have promised to pour out My spirit in dreams and visions.” And God says, “You shall see them and you shall walk in them, you shall write them down, and you shall live them and My spirit shall engage you in new ways.”“The time of refreshing is here. Don’t turn your back on this day,” says the Lord. For God says, “I am not a man that I would lie, My hand is not short, and I am not full of compromise.  Apathy is a far distant work for Me.  I shall come and agitate the heavens."  


God says, "I shall agitate the darkness and God says you shall confront the darkness and overcome it with My light. Be prepared, lift up your shield, anoint your shield even now,” says the Lord, “for I shall remove the surface of the covering from My holy mountain and you shall know and perceive and understand that My hand, My hand, My great hand is upon you.  My hand is upon you to do great and mighty things.”  God says, “The healing virtue, the healing, the healing, the healing, I am The Healer."  God says, “Many shall come.  There shall be a line for the wine.”  God says, “I get no kick from champagne when there is a line for the wine.” 


God says, “Watch what I do.  My new wine, My new oil shall emanate from within your house, from within your heart.  Your hand shall drip with new oil.  Your mouth shall no longer be thirsty,” for God says, “I shall fill it.”  “A new wineskin I have given you even this very day.” says the Lord.  This actual physical day, I have released something brand new upon you.  Open up your hearts and perceive Me. Open up your hearts and receive Me.  A new work I do in you, a new work I call righteousness.  I shall work My righteousness in you.  I shall rub you with a compressed compounded oil.  The oil of many ages shall come upon you and My anointing shall become compounded. A fragrance shall emanate from within you and you will know that I am here.  


Invite Me to stay and I will stay. Cast Me away and I will walk away.  Invite Me to come in as I pass by.  Invite Me to come into your home, your hearts, your business, your ministry your church, your love life, your friends.  Invite Me to come and I will stay, and I will sup with you and you with Me.”“New neighbors shall come to the brightness of the rising of the Son that is within you and they shall say, "I never knew that this was the real you."  And you shall turn around and say that "a new day has begun for the Lord is alive in me.  He has resurrected my mind and my body and my heart and my soul, my purpose.  I have been resurrected.”


“A new day I give to you, a new day I give to you.  A new day, a new day I live in you.  Your tears will wash away the pain.  You shall dance in the rain with Me, for surely I shall rain upon this place.  It shall come to the point that people will say  ‘Let the rain stop, let it stop.’  You prayed for it to begin, you prayed for it to begin, but they will pray, let it stop, let it stop, let it stop.”  But God says, “I will not let the rain stop for I shall rain upon My beings, upon My Supreme Beings, upon My Body, upon My Bride.  I shall wash you in the rain.  I shall wash away your pain. I shall take of your joints and I shall do a new work in them.  You shall feel young again.  You shall go to bed one way and wake up another with a spring in your step and a step into Spring.  I have come to you.” 




Father, we love You and we worship You and we adore You.  And we can’t get enough of You, God. I can’t get enough of You, God.  I can’t get enough of Your greatness.  I can’t get enough of Your joy. Father, I promise that I’ll not say ‘enough’.  I promise that I’ll just dance in the rain. I promise You, God.  Give us a chance and, Father, we’ll take this nation, Lord.   Give us a chance and we will penetrate the nations you send us to.  Father, release in us Your promise and, Father, we won’t look back.  We’ll put our hand to the plow and we’ll move forward, God. We promise, God, we promise.  

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